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The Dos and Don’ts From A Previous Bride

We have all heard of the term “bridezilla” and everyone who is preparing for their wedding day tries to avoid becoming one. Planning weddings in the Chicago suburbs is a lot of work, so we have some tips on what to do and what not to do from previous brides.


Don’t Let Planning Take Over

Try not to devote every waking hour to planning your wedding—when someone offers help, take them up on it. You don’t want to run out of steam as the big day gets closer. People want to help you so when they offer to stamp envelopes or help you find the right shoes, say yes! Accept kind offers and sit back and relax every once in a while.


Don’t Have An All Cash Bar

You are inviting people to a party, so they shouldn’t have to buy a cocktail at the event. Think about asking your caterer to suggest low-cost liquor options to serve during the cocktail hour and at the party.


Don’t Be Bossy With Bridesmaids

You picked your bridesmaids and maid of honor because they are your nearest and dearest family and friends. They are there to help you pick out your dress, hold your flowers, and make sure you feel supported through the entire event. Don’t expect them to become your maids, running endless errands for you and forcing them to buy things out of their price range. Be sensitive to their feelings and how you’ll feel when you’re in their shoes. Consider getting your bridesmaids a gift here and there to show them how much you appreciate their help and support.


Make Sure Your Ceremony And Reception Are Back-To-Back

Try your hardest to have the reception immediately following the ceremony and at the same place. It’s difficult to have your party travel from the ceremony to the reception, especially if there is a large gap of time in between the two. If you have to have a time-gap, make sure you provide reliable transportation from one location to the next.


Keep Your Fiancé In Mind

Planning for a wedding can and will become time-consuming, but remember that it’s not just your special day—it’s your partner’s day, too. A wedding is a major life transition, so make sure you are talking to each other throughout the entire planning process and what you want for the future.


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