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Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning can be one of the biggest events in your life. With years of experience, Alpine Banquets can take the stress out of planning and make sure that your big day is everything you had dreamt. Below are tips to help you plan!


Often newly engaged couples want to include as many people as possible when celebrating their wedding. When initially planning couples may find that they have a list of desired guests much larger than their original plan. To keep your wedding a size that will work for you, review the list and include those closest to you. It may take a few revisions and discussions on who should be included, but this step is very important to keeping your wedding within budget and true to your vision. Finding wedding banquets in Chicago that will accommodate the size of your wedding is the first step to planning your big day.

Seating Arrangements

A wedding can be overwhelming for the couple as well as guests. Ways to eliminate the stress of a wedding for guests is to establish a seating arrangement. Seating arrangements allow you to group people with similar interests together so they can enjoy conversation and fun throughout the reception. Seat your friends from college together so they can reminisce about their golden days, or arrange for two single guests to sit close and hope you spark a new relationship. Some couples also use the seating arrangements to keep certain people separate at the reception to avoid and uncomfortable interactions.  Alpine Banquets, one of the top wedding banquets in Chicago can help you with your seating arrangement so you keep your guests happy and comfortable.


One of the easiest ways to customize your wedding banquets in Chicago. There are many new and innovative ways to use flowers in your reception to make your venue personalized to you. If you have a flower that always grew in your family home as a child or a plant that was special to a grandmother or loved one, these can be used in your wedding as a unique memory. Flower walls have also become popular recently and are a great backdrop for a photo station. Small touches also make a big impact, use flowers as a garnish in your drinks or as a delicate touch on the place setting. Flowers are incredibly customizable and transformative, and a very important thing to consider when planning.


Ending your night with favors is a great way to say thank you to your guests. Many guests travel far and rent hotel rooms to celebrate you and your love so a small favor can show your appreciation for their support. Wine openers, candles or sweets can be personalized to be your perfect send-off for guests.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Weddings can be a stressful event and many people get caught up in the details. It is important for you and your love to relax and enjoy the planning process. Alpine Banquets, one of the best wedding banquets in Chicago can take the stress out of planning and help you enjoy your big day.

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