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Polish Package

Polish Package

If you come from a large Polish family, you may be seeking a venue or catering company that can deliver authentic Polish cuisine. We believe that traditions are important, and appropriate food and table settings are a key part of creating the right experience. If you’re looking for somewhere to host your ślub, Komunia, lub Poprawiny, or Chrzciny w Chicago, read on to discover what Alpine Banquets can bring to the table.


Gratuluję zaręczyn! We’re excited to invite you to host your wedding ceremony and celebration at Alpine Banquets. Once you’ve selected the room (or rooms) that are the best fit for the size and style of your event, you should consider letting us take care of your catering needs as well. Rather than coordinating with multiple vendors, which can become more complicated as well as costly, we can see to it that your guests are comfortable and well-fed—and you can focus on the rest! 


Our Saturday package can be tailored to your needs, with premium open bar options and a sumptuous lunch or dinner menu. During our consultation, you will also have the option to select appetizers, an evening buffet, traditional cold table, and tempting dessert selections. Allow our skillful, professional bartenders to keep your guests comfortable all night long: the open bar package provides your guests with the finest beverages available, crafted with name-brand liquors, beers, and wines.


Whether you’re looking to set up a fun lub Poprawiny, Komunia, or Chrzciny w Chicago, Alpine Banquets has the tools necessary to make your event a success. Please your guests with scrumptious lunch or dinner options, specialized by you to suit the desired tone of your event. In seeking to make your event more affordable for a large family gathering, we offer a discount for attending children up to the age of 12. If you desire, we can also serve champagne for toasting or wine for your adult guests.

Table Settings

While some guests may prefer to bring their own table settings for a more customized experience, we realize that others are looking for something that’s simple, elegant, and taken care of at no extra cost. Formal table settings with long tablecloths (white or cream) and colorful napkins are available as part of our packages.

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We are confident that our menu and setting will serve as the perfect backdrop for your exciting event. Let Alpine Banquets host your Polish family gathering or Chrzciny w Chicago and you won’t be disappointed. Please reach out to us with any questions about our package offerings or event space. Mówimy po polsku!

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