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1 December 2019

Winter Wedding Trends

While most people consider the spring or summer to be a prime time for weddings, there is a new trend where brides and grooms are choosing winter weddings. Winter is a magical time that can enhance the special memories. If you are looking for Winter Wedding Venues in Naperville, look no further than Alpine Banquets!

Why Choose Winter For Your Wedding?

The scenic snow-covered trees, the magic of the holidays and the memorable time with family are all reasons why more couples than ever are choosing winter wedding dates. Many wedding venues in Naperville, like Alpine Banquets, are able to decorate the venue to match the cozy atmosphere of wintertime. The lighting and candles can provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos. From a planning perspective, there is more availability for dates as there are fewer venues.

What to Wear?

Many wedding gowns are not made for cold weather, however, that should not stop you from having a winter wedding! Many brides opt for a faux fur shawl or coat to put over their dress. This classic look is not only stunning but also a great opportunity to wear an heirloom fur coat from a parent or grandparent. Some brides even opt for a warmer boot or snow shoe under their dress for comfort but also for a fun photo opportunity.

How to prepare for the weather?

While a winter wedding may seem tricky due to the potential for winter weather, it does make it easier to focus all of your energy on decorating the inside of your wedding venue in Naperville. You won’t have to worry about coordinating an outside location and put special winter touches on the inside of the venue. Once your wedding is over you can ditch the winter weather and honeymoon on a warm island!

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