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10 March 2020

What to Expect at Your First Quinceanera

Have you recently been invited to your first-ever quinceanera? Whether the reason is because you’re young or you haven’t grown up with these traditions, you’re in for a good time. Each quinceanera celebration is unique, a reflection of the birthday girl (who is also referred to as the quinceanera) and her family. Whether the event is held at a banquet hall in Woodridge or a backyard in Mexico City, you’re likely to see these key features.

Religious Ceremony

A traditional quinceanera will include a formal ceremony conducted by a priest. The mass may be directed at the quinceanera herself, with themes relating to her evolution into a young woman. This evolution is sometimes symbolized by a change of shoes—from youthful flats into more mature heels.


The reception that follows the ceremony is typically a gigantic party with delicious food and drink. If it’s done right, there will be merrymaking and dancing. A sizable event will include guests of all ages, from near and far, who have traveled to celebrate.

The Court

It’s traditional for the quinceanera to have a Court of Honor as accompaniment throughout the day. There are many different ways to arrange the Court of Honor; at a minimum, a court will have one chambelan to accompany the quinceanera. Large courts could have as many as 29 young men and women!

The Surprise Dance

Also known as the baile sopresa, the surprise dance is exactly what it sounds like. At some point in the night, the quinceanera may be part of an elaborate, choreographed dance routine. The purpose of this dance is to showcase the birthday girl and entertain the guests.

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