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20 May 2020

Tips for the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Whether you’ve been together for six months or six years—when you know, you know! A proposal is an exciting life event that few people experience more than once in a lifetime. Anticipating your proposal may have you feeling nervous, but envisioning the day and planning ahead can help.

Tip #1: Choose a Special Location

Picking a location that’s sentimental to your partner or the both of you as a couple can help set the right tone. If no such place exists, food, music, or other themes that you can draw on to bring warm and happy memories to the moment.

Tip #2: Celebrate With Friends and Family

If your partner is very close with their family, invite them along! Waiting for the holidays when you know everyone will be around may make it easier to get people together. Including friends and family on the fun can help make the memories more fun when it’s time to reminisce. Plus, somebody needs to hold the camera!

Tip #3: Ask Earlier Rather Than Later

Some people spend all day or evening wooing their partner before they propose. There’s no need to rush through your proposal, but sometimes the anticipation can make the process less enjoyable for you both. If it feels right, there’s nothing wrong with starting with the question and then enjoying a romantic dinner.

Tip #4: Speak from the Heart

Chances are you began thinking of what you’ll say during your proposal from the moment you decided to do it. You don’t need to be a writer to tell the story of your love. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and trust your instincts.

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