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23 July 2019

The Maid Of Honor Checklist

As one of the first-class Chicago wedding venues, Alpine Banquets will make the party run smoothly and have your guests dancing through the night. If you’re the maid of honor, you should be ready to help make everything go as planned, so we are giving some checklist tips to make sure that your bride’s special day turns out so beautifully, she’ll be thanking you years after her wedding.


Make sure you are helping and listening to the bride to be.

As the maid of honor, you can help the bride complete things like putting together invitations and choosing potential cake flavors and styles. If you are a maid of honor whose bride wants to take the reins, you can still help her by just listening and giving suggestions or advice when needed. No thought is too small when it comes to helping a bride get ready to walk down the aisle.


Be the bridal shower hostess.

One of the more important aspects of being a maid of honor is helping plan, and sometimes even host, the bridal shower. With help from the bridesmaids, you can give your bride-to-be an element of surprise and an exciting shower that she will love. Choose decor, decide which food should be catered, and even write down the gifts and who gave them—this will help the bride later as she writes “thank you” notes for her presents.


Keep the bride calm on the wedding day.

On the day of the wedding, people can get stressed and anxious—especially your friend who’s about to tie the knot. Make sure that your bride stays relaxed by keeping the mood light with funny stories and happy music. 

As an elegant Chicago wedding venue, Alpine Banquets is elegant and knows how to throw a party. Contact us today to learn more about how to book a wedding reception with us.


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