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Let us help you find your answer:

Can you create a small, intimate setting at your venue?

Of course! Alpine Banquets can create a small intimate event with starting at 50 guests! 

We have 3 guests that are Vegetarian. Can you accommodate a plate for them?

With our Chef in the house, we can create a meal fulling plate with any dietary restrictions applied!!

How much does it cost to plan an event at Alpine Banquets?

Packages include rental of the facility, so there are no additional room fees.

For any additional pricing, please contact us for further information!

Do we have to use your in-house caterer for our events?

Just in Darien, IL we have been known for our excellent cuisine , with many options whether plated, buffet, and even family style.

With any dietary restrictions applied, our menu can be customized by our Chef! Outside Catering is not allowed. 

If its regarding a sweet table or cold table, there is no problem with that as long as the company is certified!

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